BETTER Brand recognised as a sustainable beauty range


There is excitement in the office after receiving industry recognition that our newly created BETTER Brand is a sustainable beauty range. 

 Spa & Wellness has recognised us with an award for the Best Sustainable Beauty or Body Range. This is a real achievement and tells the world what we already knew. 

Our team is really small, with only six people, so receiving this award is one of those acknowledgements that allows other people to take notice. We know why our product is special. Why it is sustainable. Why we created it the way we have? 

We are thrilled at the third-party endorsement. It gives the brand legitimacy because someone else delved into the ‘details’ of what went into making the products we love. It gives us the ability to let the world know that it is not only us who believe that BETTER Brand products are great. Someone independent thinks so too. And this is a wonderful endorsement for our years of work. 


The BETTER Brand began with a single thought—how can I do better? 

I wanted to marry my extensive knowledge of the beauty and skincare industry with my passion for the future of our planet by creating a sustainable, progressive brand. A brand that helps others make small, very important changes in their day-to-day lives but still allows them to relish the emotive, sensory experience that a fragrance offers. We wanted people to feel better, while also doing better. 

Almost an impossible dream but one we were passionate about. We did not let anything stand in the way. And today’s result was in the planning stages for a long time.  


The original launch date was 2020 but clearly, that did not go ahead. So, we used the ‘situation’ to revisit our research and development and set another goal for the end of 2021. 

That launch date did not eventuate either. Why? Because when you create a truly Australian-made brand there are a lot of pieces to the pizza. Australia is a small country so you cannot source everything you need from just one supplier. No one company is a one-stop shop. You have to involve a lot of suppliers. Many slices of pizza.   

We just could not put all those pieces together in 2021 so we decided to delay the launch to August 2022. Our goal was to produce the best products we could, so did not feel pressured to a ‘date’. 

And our launch was a success.  


The Spa & Wellness award gives us more confidence to speak a little bit louder. It makes us proud of our achievements. 

When you create a brand and are immersed in it for years, you know the ins and outs of it, but sometimes you still have doubts about the end result. You often think could we have done it another way or maybe this should be better? So, winning an award this early has given us the confidence to shout about the BETTER Brand. 

Being in the spa and beauty industry for 32 years and receiving recognition from Spa & Wellness was a big thing for us. This is my industry. It has been my career my whole life. So, for our first award to come from the spa and wellness industry, rather than a retail, packaging or other organisation, is gratifying.  

It is a pretty big deal for all of us as this is the space we feel most comfortable in.  

The award tells us and the public we have something special to offer.   


The award also recognises our thoughts that the fragrance industry needs to make improvements. By improvement we mean the industry needs to become more sustainable. Most fragrance packaging is not recyclable or recycled. We worked hard to ensure BETTER Brand product packaging is recyclable. Or parts that are not, we offer incentives to return them to us so we can recycle the packaging in bulk lots ourselves. And we tried to start that process of industry change through the BETTER Brand. 

Everything in the BETTER Brand packaging is either recyclable, refillable, reusable or recycled. There is no wastage unless it is thrown into the wrong bin. Our intention is to prevent waste. To achieve that we have systems in place to help people do better if they want to. And that is it—we are trying to do better and better. Our focus was to provide a key product that most people use in a format that helps them be more sustainable. 

We are on a mission to make a difference through constant change in the pursuit to do better. This award acknowledges that it is possible to create products that smell good and make you feel good using recyclable, refillable and reusable packaging.