Day spa and beauty salons offer fragrance in retail area


Spa owners are beginning to invest in stocking fragrances for their retail spaces to enhance their customer experience.  

Only now are salon and spa owners realising that fragrances are a perfect retail addition to their businesses. Currently, there is a large gap in the market so there are opportunities to add scents to retail areas to complement other product offerings, taking clients on a complete sensory journey while visiting for other services. 


An inspiring, enjoyable retail area in a salon or spa makes your business more memorable. It gives more levels to a client’s experience when interacting with your business. Focused retail spaces are an opportunity to capture attention and inspire. It offers an entire experience so clients need to look no further for what they need. 

A great retail space changes the client and business relationship. You can improve how clients experience your spa or salon. This heightened client experience can be the unique stand out between you and the next business. 

Some day spas and beauty salons have a retail area that offers a whole range of products such as body brushes, magnesium salts to put in the bath, sunscreen or self-tanning lotion, skincare, fragrances and cosmetics for sale. They stock different sorts of products that when combined make an interesting retail area. When you invest in a diverse retail area, it encourages clients to further explore what you offer because it is interesting to browse. Beautiful, interesting retail spaces motivate people to buy a gift for themselves or somebody else. 


Fragrances seem to be a natural fit for the spa and beauty environment. They enhance the sensory experience that a client has when visiting the business.  

Also, it is a fantastic way to engage people while waiting for their treatment. People are already there so they can be enjoying the experience—what your business has to offer while waiting for an appointment. They can try the products in an inviting, tactile environment. Clients can check out the makeup you sell. Try the fragrances. Test the skincare products.  

There are many more opportunities for clients to get a more rounded experience by enhancing retail areas with different types of products.  


Department stores are great examples of offering their customers sensory, tactile experiences. When you walk into a department store and visit the cosmetic floor, it is like walking into a lolly shop—there is so much to look at and try. Everywhere you turn the product displays entice you to try something new or different. 

The whole reason department stores set up retail areas the way they do is to inspire customers, to give them ideas in an enjoyable environment. It encourages them to wander around exploring the products as soon as they walk in. They smell and try and check the products that catch their eye.  

Customers become completely immersed in the whole experience. This gives them a wonderful unforgettable experience. And that is what gets customers going back again and again and again. 


There is no reason why a day spa or beauty salon owner cannot replicate a mini version of the department store experience. Dedicate space to creating a beautiful section of your business to products for sale.  

Instead of putting shelves behind the reception desk or having enclosed glass cabinets that people cannot get to—make retail spaces inviting. Rather than creating blockages to stop people from exploring your products, create retail areas that invite clients to explore the amazing products you sell. Invite them to enjoy themselves. Have samples and testers available for people to try. Use signage to invite people in to sample your products. Retail areas need to be tactile. And this adds another layer to the wonderful experience clients can have while visiting your business. 

The whole reason day spas and beauty salons exist is to improve clients’ health and beauty through a variety of services in a relaxing environment. So it is only natural to transition to offering fragrances along with other products to take your retail area to the next level.  

People usually buy fragrances from people that they do not know. So why not offer people the opportunity to buy a fragrance from you—someone they trust? Adding scents to the products your retail area offers adds an interesting new dimension to their experience. 

Fragrances trigger memories. So people will remember your spa which further strengthens the emotional connection a client has with your business.