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Eau de Fraiche Mist – Fresh Intent

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This is a lighter and more delicate version of an Eau de Parfum, and suitable for those who wish to wear something soft and subtle – remember fragrance should be discovered and not announced. If you do prefer a more intense and personal scent, layer your mist with the BETTER body elixir and/or solid fragrance.

Our body mists contain 3% perfume, putting them in the category of an Eau de Fraiche.

Saturday morning. You step out of the city you love and into a different place. And a different pace.The farmer’s market. It’s your release valve. Here in this urban oasis, you’re suddenly surrounded by things that grow and the people who grow them. And you breathe. And you feel good.

At every turn, colours, sounds and smells transport you. Beautiful electric-coloured flowers. Vegetables that retain traces of the fresh earth they were grown in. Baskets of herbs that hint of distant places and magnificent meals. Around the next corner, unique aromas of fresh rhubarb and fragrant teas. You keep strolling and drink it all in.

You smile. You feel invigorated. You’ve had your weekly dose of Earth.

Fresh Earth + Herbs + Saffron + Tobacco Leaf + Hints of Tea + Fresh Rhubarb

Olfactory family: Aromatic Woods (with Green Notes)

200mL / 6.76oz

Alcohol Denatured, Aqua, Fragrance, Glycerin

Spritz liberally to the body as desired. Re-apply anytime during the day or night to refresh or for a more intense fragrance. For best results layer your BETTER fragrances to build up your own signature scent. Not recommended for the face.


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